With a healthy return on investment and ever-growing demand, Wind Farms are often the renewable energy investment of choice for many of our clients.

Although our consortium has extensive EPC experience with multi-megawatt wind-power projects, we also offer smaller standalone wind turbine facilities for clients in remote areas, or for clients with lower energy requirements. We also offer all inclusive or custom-tailored packages which can cover the engineering design, construction, financing, after-sales service and all other aspects of such projects.

Our technical knowledge, expertise and use of innovative technological advances in the field of wind power have enabled the use of large diameter wind turbines, which are significantly more cost-effective than previous iterations. This modern advancement opens up the doors for wind farms to be built using significantly less turbines overall, and in increasingly remote locations, which makes wind power a more socially acceptable renewable energy solution.

Additionally, we also provide the ability to replace existing outdated wind-power units with our partners’ more efficient large diameter wind turbines, thus significantly increasing the generation of power per square metre without the need to expand existing wind farms. This approach has been met with significant interest, particularly by clients based in the European continent.


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