At G4H Power, we have an extensive background and experience in the water bottling industry, and are able to provide a single-source engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) package for our clients’ water bottling plants. We have numerous options for our customers to choose from, with various different grades of bottled water, depending on the client’s budget & water source.

We can use a variety of resources ranging from lake water, springs, wells and surface waters. We can handle the complete process of purification, adding minerals and then having the purified, mineral water bottled at a mass scale.

Water Bottling is fully customisable, and can be coupled with bottling other beverages as well. Sizes, materials and other customisations can be changed, and we work with some of the world’s leading Bottling Plant Manufacturers in Europe.

Clean Energy and Water are the key to the future, hence our product offering works best whereby we can combine Renewable Energy with Increased access to clean water.

Contact us below to learn more about our Water Bottling, Desalination or Purification Solutions.


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