Biofuels are becoming an increasingly popular sustainable energy source in the fight against climate change, and with EU’s ambitious sustainable decarbonisation targets, investment in this sector is set to reach record levels in the years to come. With an already expansive market for Biofuels and relatively limited global supply, G4H Power is at the forefront of this technology.

Our consortium is able to provide expert advice, design and construct a multitude of biofuel facilities, including chemical-route and biological-route plants. This covers the entire range of advanced biofuels, from ethanol to renewable diesel and biogas to a variety of bio-mass crops, feedstocks and residues.

We enable our clients to utilise a multitude of renewable feedstocks, including bio-mass crops, algae, cellulosic biomass, oils and fats, in order to generate a wide variety of renewable fuels, as well as first and second-generation biofuels. These fuels include renewable diesel, biodiesel, bio-jet fuel and bio ethanol, among others. Our consortium’s cutting-edge technologies allow our clients to carry out the processes of methanol to gasoline (MTG), hydro-treating, fermentation, Fischer Tripsch, Hydrolysis (both cellular and biomass handling), transesterification and gasification.


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