Water desalination is an industry that is exceptionally talked about in the modern day. Global freshwater shortages and the lack of access to it is of a growing concern in this decade, and we have seen countless countries fighting over water sources as they become more scarce.

At G4H power, we are able to cater towards countries’ and institutions’ demands for clean water, by installing Water Desalination and Purification plants. We distribute, consult and conduct the development of filter materials for the selective removal of inorganic and organic pollutants from drinking water, mineral water and waste water.

Our plants are designed to utilise the most cutting-edge technologies to separate dissolved salts and other minerals from feedwater or oceanwater sources, with a choice of Membrane Reverse Osmosis (RO) or Thermal (MED, MVC & MSF) setups. This enables our clients to convert brackish water, sea water, wells, surface water (rivers and streams), wastewater, industrial feed water and process water into water applicable for industrial, retail, hospitality and individual consumer usage.

Seawater Desalination and Purification Plants are one of our clients’ most heavily demanded variants, particularly as they have the potential to reliably produce enough potable water to support large populations located near coastal regions.


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