This energy segment is incredibly popular in multiple countries, with large cities looking for a two-pronged solution to tackle the challenge of waste build up and disposal. In the past, due to the relatively large investment required for such solutions, this has not been a preferred option for LEDCs – this, however, is now changing as solutions become more financially viable and cost effective.

From organising Waste Collection for Municipalities, Towns, Cities and Countries to operating the Waste-To-Energy Plants, we can offer a full turnkey solution to tackle this major issue for both MEDCs and Developing Nations alike.

Our consortium offers complete packages for waste processing and sustainable energy generation plants, both for Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) and fully private clients alike. These packages include financing solutions, custom design creation, complete construction, numerous contracting options, solution implementation, facility management and operations support, maintenance support and end-to-end solutions for our clients’ Waste-to-Energy projects.

We started in this industry by offering smaller scale Waste-To-Energy Plants to 5 Star Hotels and resorts in Africa, and have now expanded into providing multiple European and Asian solutions to towns and countries alike.


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